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Our duty towards you is to improve the chances of having your paper accepted.

It is very easy to submit a manuscript to Eagles Editing. To submit your manuscript to us, you can simply visit our online submission page here or send your manuscript by e-mail to manuscripts@eaglesediting.com

Initially, you will receive a receipt acknowledgment by email alongside a quote that will have been calculated on our pricing policy basis depending on the service you ordered for when you uploaded the paper. If you are satisfied with the quote, please proceed with your payment following the instruction in the invoice. However, if you are unhappy with the quote, please inform us by email as soon as possible. After we have received the payment, we will perform a check on the subject area of the paper and send it to a subject-specific editor whose qualifications/editing experience are closest to the subject area of the manuscript.

After the manuscript has been edited by the subject-specific editor, it will be checked again by one of our in-house English language editing experts who will make sure that there are no remaining errors in the grammar, spelling, or English usage. Finally, you will be informed by email that your manuscript is ready.

All editors at Eagles Editing have signed a legally-binding confidentiality agreement in which they agree not to divulge the content of any manuscript to anyone else or use it in their own work.

Editors at Eagles Editing must:

  • have practiced English as a first language,
  • possess a worthy qualification in one of the relevant fields,
  • have a publication record and
  • have either prior experience of the review process as a referee or have acted as an editor of a peer-reviewed journal.

Additionally, editors must show a consistently high level of quality editing over a three-month period before becoming permanent members of the Eagles Editing team.

Eagles Editing will edit the English of all files containing tables, figures, and indeed any accompanying material as long as it is accessible to word processing. This usually excludes files in PDF, TIFF, GIF, and JPG formats, but includes PowerPoint and MS Excel files. However, these files, if available, should always be uploaded with the paper as having access to the data helps us to better understand the text and to check for consistency between the text and the data.

You will receive an email informing you that the paper has been edited and is available and your manuscripts will be attached to it.

All manuscripts must be submitted in MS Word format (all versions, including RTF and MS Word 2010) or in simple text format. We also accept open office documents if you are a Linux user. We are currently working on accepting LaTex Documents.

You can pay for the English editing of your paper, by cheque, bank transfer or credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, etc.). Therefore, you will be supplied with details about how to pay by bank transfer or cheque in the email containing the receipt acknowledgement for the paper.

All our invoices are exclusive of VAT.

We edit and proofread all types of documents, including manuscripts, papers, reports, theses, publicity, presentations at international conferences, and dissertations.

Yes, we do. You will be issued a 10% discount token every time you refer a friend or colleague to our website and he/she accesses any of our services. This is the number that will be e-mailed to you as soon as the reference is confirmed. Each token provides a 10% discount on the cost of editing the next manuscript. You can combine tokens to accumulate discounts, or share them with your colleagues.

We edit and proofread all types of documents, including manuscripts, papers, reports, theses, publicity, presentations at international conferences, and dissertations.